What exactly is the ?

It is a band of flexible, temperature resistant material designed to take the place of tape used when checking gas flanges for leaks.  The comes with a patented Indicator Hole to direct a gas leak to a hand held gas detector.  It works just like tape on a flange but has many advantages over this traditional method of finding gas leaks.

Advantages of the Leak Detector



*    Substantial reduction in time and labor when preparing flanges for leak checks. 

*     Traditional methods take 15 to 20 minutes to clean old tape from the flange and replace the tape.

*     The can be installed in 30 seconds or less.

*     Eliminates risk of process piping being contaminated by tape debris. 

*      With the , there is NO tape to dry and peel.


The can be manufactured to meet your specific flange sizes and temperature applications.  Prices will vary depending on flange size and material. 


This product was designed specifically to combat these problems by a power plant technician and engineer.

Don't tape it- !

  Made In America